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Sell Your Home

We do not give listing presentations; instead, when we list your property, we listen to our client's needs and provide a strategic approach based upon your goals in selling your property. We advertise your property based upon market conditions and highlight features that speak to potential buyers. Peachtree Property Group Georgia promotes your property in print media, online, and social marketing. As the #1 Large Sales Team For Units Sold in Coldwell Banker GA, Peachtree Property Group Georgia prides itself on helping you sell your property quickly and maximize your return.

Peachtree Property Group Georgia suggests a few tips when selling your property:


Trust your REALTOR® -A trusted REALTOR® works to protect your interests and guides you through the entire selling process. It is someone who cares about your personal and financial needs and listens to your concerns and gets the most for your investment..


Selling a property requires contracts - Don't be afraid of paperwork! Allow your trusted REALTOR® to help you understand line by line what your agreement says. When you get to this part of the process, your trusted REALTOR® will negotiate for you, and that is why you want to have a REALTOR® you can trust!


Discuss selling strategy - Most people are looking for a property to fit their current needs. Still, when you work with a knowledgeable REALTOR® whom you can trust, the REALTOR® is helping you sell your property, and that means staging. Simple things like cleaning, decluttering, paint, and professional photographs can help sell your home quickly. Your REALTOR® will know your market and key points to fix before putting a "For Sale" sign in your yard!


Sellers must be flexible - Flexibility is essential, especially when it comes to showing times. Be ready to have a plan for your pets, your children's toys, and your own time because selling a house means showing your house. Let Peachtree Property Georgia Group show your home as often needed to buyers and other agents. The best way to sell is to make it feel like the buyers new home with light, clean counters, and lots of open spaces.


Selling is exciting, especially at the right price - Communication about your finances is vital in selling your home. That is why Peachtree Property Group Georgia is the right team to partner with for your selling needs. Our REALTORS® are looking out for your best interest. We want clients to be happy and at peace with their decision. We listen to our clients and make suggestions as needed. Our REALTORS® have the time and energy to communicate with other agencies and buyers for you!

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