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REALTORS® with Peachtree Property Group Georgia welcomes the opportunity to work with you to find your future home, business, or investment. We focus on the client, not the sale. We have worked with hundreds of investors and homeowners navigate the real estate market, and PPGG looks forward to making your dream come true.


Here are a few tips when deciding if purchasing a property is right for you:


Trust your REALTOR® -A trusted REALTOR® works to protect your interests and guides you through the entire buying process. It is someone who cares about your personal and financial needs as well as listens to your concerns.


Purchasing a Property requires contracts - Don't be afraid of paperwork! Allow your trusted REALTOR® to help you understand line by line what your agreement says. When you get to this part of the process, your trusted REALTOR® will negotiate for you, and that is why you want to have a REALTOR® you can trust!


Buy for tomorrow, not today - Most people are looking for a property to fit their current needs. Still, when you work with a knowledgeable REALTOR® whom you can trust, you will find that buying a property that will meet your needs ten years from today is even a better option!


Buy what you can afford - A REALTOR® who forces you out of your financial comfort zone is not one that you can trust. Only seek a commitment that you can afford and trust that your REALTOR® knows about mortgage options. There are several factors, including your projected income, interest rates, type of mortgage, and the market that your REALTOR® and mortgage broker can help you understand better.


Buying a home should be exciting - Communication is vital in purchasing a home. That is why Peachtree Property Group Georgia is the right team to partner with for your buying needs. Our REALTORS® are looking out for your best interest. We want clients to be happy and at peace with their decision. We listen to our clients and make suggestions as needed. Georgia is an evergrowing market, and our REALTORS® have the time and energy to explore neighborhoods with you and your future in mind.

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