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Welcome September

Peachtree Property Group Georgia welcomes the cooler weather with the latest heatwave that our state has been experiencing. September is a great time to pay attention to your home by focusing on cooler weather, great football, and more Braves Baseball!

  1. Do you have ceiling fans in your rooms? September is an excellent day for reversing the ceiling fan. Switching the fan allows for warmer air to be pushed down and cooler air to be forced up!

  2. Check Your Smoke Detectors Today! Replace all batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Be sure to press the test button to ensure they are working correctly.

  3. Do you have tight windows? I always notice that the sealing comes loose or disappears after summer. A great way to save energy is to ensure that windows are correctly sealed to decrease losing heat!

  4. With fall in the air, leaves become an issue for many homeowners. This year, prepare by planning what to do with all your leaves! Maybe plan to protect your vegetable garden or make a compost. There are a lot of benefits to keeping mother nature's trash!

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